The Difficult Second Blog Post

OK, the cliché is that everyone has a book in them; it is the second that is difficult to write.  The same goes with blogs!  What happened at Uni this week that fellow Practitioners may find interesting?  What have I done that is different?  Do I need to do something different every week?  Will the ‘Powers That Be’ allow me to write anything I want?  Can I fill this entry with questions?  Will I become a famous blogger like Belle de Jour and next year have a million selling book and TV series?

I was talking this week with a recently qualified EHO.  They knew at age 14 that they wanted to be an EHO; ten years later they have achieved that ambition.  Must admit that when I was 14 I wanted to join the Army, but I had never heard of Environmental Health.  I will further admit that my first exposure to Environmental Health wasn’t when I joined back in 1990 but in November 2001 when I was preparing to leave the Army wondering about Civvie Street.  The Chief Clerk suggested I transfer to another trade within the Army to seek a new challenge rather than leave.  After a quick browse of the trades available I had my first exposure to Environmental Health!  Two months later I was starting my HND at Keogh Barracks.  Why chose EH?  Three reasons really.  The first was it gave me a civilian qualification I thought I could use in Civvie Street.  The second was that the role as an Environmental Health Technician in the Army seemed quite interesting.  The third and final.  Erm, well, er, it was the first course starting in 2002 of the jobs I thought might like to do …..

Although I have now been at Uni full time for nearly six months, I am only on my second assignment.  Food needs to be in Tuesday morning.  The first six months have been quite easy in terms of deadlines.  The next three months will see many deadlines and lots of late nights as I try and complete assignments.  Back to the food assignment, it is a report following a hotel kitchen inspection.  With the deadline four days away have I completed it?  No!  Do I have lots of work to do?  Yes!

Oh yes, my mini-placement last Wednesday.  I accompanied a few members of the Street Scene team on some routine jobs.  Well, routine for them.  I have never dealt with drains leaking into a neighbour’s property or a complaint that unpleasant smells are emanating from an adjacent property.  The day actually inspired me somewhat, in the anticipation I could be soon doing a job that has a real impact on people’s lives.  I am so glad that EH was the next course starting in that fateful 2002.

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