Cancelled Lesson

Well, a first today during my short time at Leeds Met – a lesson was cancelled!  Due to staff illness.  A shame, as it was the meat practical and this is my favourite lesson of the week.  Charles, from the Meat Hygiene Service, is a superb instructor and somehow makes prodding bits of offal interesting.  He uses his years of experience in the MHS to give students anecdotes and a wider view of his role.  This seems, to me at least, an excellent way of remembering various ‘faults’ with the bits of meat that I will have to recognise for the practical exams in May.

After reading a few threads on I have formed the impression that some courses do the food practical exam in-house whilst others seem to use a third-party provider.  Not sure whether the use of ‘outsiders’ is good or bad.  But other posts on these threads have provided great advice and I now accompany The Wife around the supermarket as she shops.  Previously I would sit in the car and wait.  But studying for a MSc in Environmental Health has changed my life – I now shop with The Wife!  Whether this will last beyond the May exams is to be decided, but I have found it useful chatting to the fishmonger in the shop.  He was very happy to help point out a few fish and their features after I explained I was an EH student. 

Anyway, cancelled lessons.  My first reaction was one of unhappiness that I have paid all this money and spent 90 minutes travelling only to have the lesson cancelled.  But nano-seconds later I thought that I shouldn’t complain as I didn’t turn up for lessons on Tuesday because I was poorly – I cancelled due to student illness, in a manner of speaking.

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