Experiential Learning Portfolio

I have been thinking about the Experiential Learning Portfolio this week, wondering how much I can complete based on my previous work as an Environmental Health Technician in the British Army.  I figure the more I can do now, the less I will have to do on placement.  But with all those deadlines approaching fast, I am asking myself will I have the time?  I will try and complete a few and report back next week.

Now the latest guidance does suggest that the ELP can be completed outside of local government.  With few paid placements available I have been considering securing a ‘proper job’ in industry, and try and complete my ELP that way.

The phrase ‘careful cross-referencing’ is intriguing.  With 83 narratives required using evidence sources once only, which is an awful lot of work and probably five folders worth of evidence.  The guidance suggests that an ‘over 50%’ reduction is possible with that ‘careful cross-referencing’.  Hmm – I wonder.  ‘over 50%’ could mean just 40 narratives will be required.  At one a day, that could mean I will complete the ELP in under two months.  Has anyone ever completed an ELP, or even a log book, in such a short period of time?  The guidance suggests 9 – 12 months are required to complete the ELP … an interesting challenge perhaps for myself?

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