First day of my two-week Easter ‘holiday’.  How am I to fill the next 14 days?  Back to Uni on Mon 12th April seems so far away but with twelve books from the library I think that time will soon go.  The main issue is to manage the expectations of The Wife and The Kids.  Their holiday doesn’t start until Thursday so I have a few days of peace and quiet.  The prospect of snow here in the Lancashire side of the Pennines will be a welcome distraction for The Kids and ensure the house is quiet whilst they mess about in the snow.  Unfortunately I will be joining them and building a snowman!  So, only 13 days to study … and occupy The Kids.

During this ‘holiday’ period I expect that an election will be called.  The electioneering that has gone on so far, with many references to ‘efficiency’ savings has made me think am I training for a job that may be radically different when I am fully qualified?  ‘Elf and Safety, as espoused by commentators such as Richard Littlejohn, may be a popular choice to make more ‘efficient’.  Or perhaps the focus of the EH profession will move away from local authorities and into the business sector with more self assessment type regime or earned autonomy as this seems to be referred to as.  With this in mind I am actively seeking out opportunities out side of local authorities to complete parts of my ELP.  Having initially trained within the Army I perhaps need a little more exposure to the commercial world to help secure a job next year when I have fully qualified?

So, back to my holiday I suppose.  Health Promotion is due in on my first day back and assignments still don’t seem to write themselves, even when trying to do them on my Mac!

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