Lock Down

Well, after a busy Easter ‘holiday’ spent doing assignments I am now in ‘Lock Down’.  Basically I need to try and focus on revising for my exams and completing my last few assignments.  It doesn’t help when I decided to change the subject of my 5,000 word Health & Safety paper.  Things just weren’t working in my first choice, basically about whether attitudes to Health & Safety have changed over the years.  Instead, at perhaps a rather late stage, I changed to a paper on Risk.  Oh yes, just to make things a little more interesting I have to make time to find a job in June!

But it is quite difficult to focus at the moment.  I’m interested in politics and this election is proving rather interesting.  What is an added incentive to be interested in the election is that I am thinking ‘what will happen to my profession?’  The three major parties all seem tot be wanting to change the regulatory regime in some way and the recession/credit crunch means both national and local governments will need to make cuts.  I am thinking are EH departments vulnerable?  Perhaps under the guise of helping business to help themselves we will see fewer regulatory inspections?  With fewer inspections a local authority needs fewer EHOs.  What have I let myself in for?

The next year will be interesting.  What am I going to do for my dissertation?  How will I complete my ELP?  So many things to think about.

But I am ahead of myself.  It will be another year until I am qualified.  But first I need to ‘Lock Down’ and pass a few exams ….

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